Lite-On 40125S - Red Light/ Orange Light/ Green Light

Usually when I burn a CD with my Lite-On 40125S drive, the light on the burner is red but lately its been Orange, what does this mean?

No manual came along with my CD burner so I don’t know.

Red => burning (everything ok)
Orange => BurnProof kicks in

Orange also can mean buffer under-run.

What is Burn Proof?

When its burning, it says Buffer UnderRun protection enabled.

“Burnproof” is another proprietary burning system, very much like “SmartBurn”.
Buffer under-run protection is a separate drive function that slows the burn, without interrupting the burn, when the buffer drops. This prevents coasters that occur when the burn gets interrupted. If you’re using Nero, you will see 2 buffers displayed in the burn window, the read buffer and the drive buffer. If the drive buffer drops, that’s when you will see the light turn orange.