Lite-On 40125S No Medium


My system is…
Lite-On 40125S 40x/12x/48x on Secondary Master channel
Samsung 16x DVD Secondary Slave Channel
Windows XP Home.
Athlon 1.33
Geforce4 Ti4200

The first problem I was having that was when I did anything in the background (viewing a website, checking mail, opening folders, simple tasks), the machine would blue screen, and it would shut down, and I would have to manually restart.

Due to that, I assumed I should be able to do those minor tasks and still burn a CD, so and I downloaded the newest firmware, ZS0J, and flashed that. After that, the CD burner, nor Nero will recognize that there is a blank disk in the drive. I have the same brand of disk, from the same Memorex spindle, that I burned onto just last night with the same burner, perfectly. And now it won’t even recognize the blank disk in the drive. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Nero and then installing the update, but nothing. I also tried Re-Flashing the old Firmware, ver. ZS0A from the bios, and that didn’t bring back the disk recognition either. I’m at a loss, and I don’t want a burner that I’m going to have to guess if disks work or not, and then find out I wasted $25 on disks that won’t show up.

Like I said, it worked from my time of purchase up until earlier last night, using the same software and disks, then after the firmware update, nothing. And I have tried reverting it back to the original firmware.

Any help would be more than appreciated.


I’m not sure, but I think OC-Freak has addressed this/similar issue earlier.

  1. Uninstall your secondary ide channel in Windows device manager. Reboot and let the system / OS reinstall the channel.

  2. Boot up without any CDs in the drive. Reinstall Nero if necessary (You may have to clean up your registry of any old entries before reinstallation).

  3. Uninstall any additional Intel accelerators

  4. Hard option: Reinstall the OS

I’m not sure if I have been able to recollect the solution correctly. Perhaps you might try a search…

MagnetoXX, good to see from your cross post at the hardware forum that the cable was the issue. I definitely recommend that if your motherboard supports it, install good 80-pin cables or if not, new, good quality standard 40 pin cables. Old cables can be the source of noise at those (and higher) transfer speeds. This is crucial to solve high speed data transfer error issues. I found that out myself on my newer hard drive, and my motherboard only works at UDMA33!