Lite on 401 problems

just bought 401 s . when burning the red led flashes from red to orange , but not every time is this normal

Nope, not normal unless you’re burning TAO or something odd like that. Look at the drive buffers in your burning software to see if you have a speed issue. You may be experiencing buffer under-run.

sorry im new to this , how do i do that

You could be experiencing buffer underruns if your PC is a bit outdated, or your hard disk is slow, or you don’t have enough memory, as well as other things.

Make sure you’re not running any other programs while burning the DVD. You may also want to try disabling anti-virus software. Also try burning the DVD at a slower speed.

A “buffer underrun” is basically when your burner needs the data faster than your system can supply it. Pretty much all writers have buffer-underrun protection - what youre seeing is that protection coming into effect. Even though you have the protection, Ive heard that you should try to avoid the situation if you can. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

sorry im new to this , how do i do that

What software are you using to burn? Where should be an indicator bar in the program during the burn that displays buffer status.

im using nero 6

Then you have 2 buffer indicators, one is drive buffer, one is read buffer.