Lite on 400 D media

MY new Lite on 400D will only burn multiple movies on the media bundled with the burner. Evey other media we’ve tried burns one movie and you are unable to add to the DVD. Lite on hasn’t answered as they had promised to deliver a list of compatible media. It’s two weeks and waiting for a reply.

Doesn’t anyone out there have a similar problem know the answer to which media (brand) works.


i’m having problems with my liteon, but completly different. did you install any drivers or firmware? if so what? also, liteon isn’t replying to my questions either.

I haven’t tried any new drivers or firmware. Out of the box and installed as delivered. Sure wish I knew what the bundled blank media that shipped with the burner was, it works. Lite on appears to have a problem with their tech support. Enough that I won’t buy another.

did it come with any drivers or firmware? my problem is my drive won’t read any cd’s. or did you just plug the drive in and let windows do the rest?

It came with an installation disk for MY Sonic and Power Dvd, I believe the actual driver is a win xp driver.

The drive works fine with the bundled media, but no other. My guess is that the driver is okay ! I guess at this point I start buying other brands of media and the +/- and dvdr and dvd rw. Could get expensive! Sure wish Lite on would reply !

well, look on the bright side, atleast your drive works.

I am thankful for that and I did just receive an e-mail from Lite on , telling nme to trty Memorex Teac and Maxwell. Hope they work!

Good luck with yours