Lite on 321240 s i think

I have overclocked my writer with the firmware xsu1
and it says in nero infotool it is a 40125w and it at wil write at 40 speed,but i can only select in nero 32 speed.
and the info tool say’s 40???
Anyone knows how this is possible

gretings Robocop:cop:

I think this is because your writer will write only 32x to the cd-r media you use. Get smartburn 2.1 (its posted here somewhere) and check what it says about the maximum burning speed of the media.
btw, I guess the Nero-Info-Tool says 40125S not 5w, right?

Thnx for react

no it say’s in nero info tool w and not s
it say’s 40125W

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Can you send me your XSU1 file?

I have send it

greetings robocop:cop:

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Sorry was to hasty

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