Lite on 321240 help with cdrwin 4.0a

Hello I’m having a little problem burning with my lite on 32x12x40x
I’m on windows xp
and Recently installed cdrwin 4.0a
It burns fine
but the cds endup having a audio track only
I have loaded the cue sheet in and burned from speeds 12-32x but received coasters
I loaded the cue sheet in nero and had to burn In disc at once mode and it worked
but track at once does not wanna work with nero when loading the cue sheet…but dao worked fine…I get the error to please insert a disc and it spits out my disc even though ifs certified media
Basically I have two problems
one is with cdrwin spitting out cds that won’t read in windows and basically looks empty
And nero with this track at once problem when loading a cue sheet
Any help would be appreciated
I Just got the drive and never bothered with the original cd/files that came with it other than nero but just installed the lastest
Firm ware—> R32XS0R

Sorry I can’t help you much here.

I don’t use CD-R Win at all, only cd-mate, clonecd and nero. And I never burn images (normally images are something downloaded illegal stuff…and I don’t download such things).

Maybe someone elso have anything more to say?

Make sure that you hav ethe newest versions of CD-R win and Nero. Installing Adaptec ASPI layer 4.70 may also help.

Excuse me, but most images are not illegal, as a matter of fact if you do alot of copying whether for backup or to have a copy in the house and in your car then you create an image first, I know cd mate puts an image first and then writes, I would like you to qualify your statement…Alot of times I will create the image first and then write later…To say this is illegal is a bold statement…

One thing
A image is not illegal I don’t know where you got that one from
but its a invalid remark
Backing up your personal collection is not illegal
what is illegal is distributing it or having any type of software you do not legally own
Now I just purchased the burner and have went through a lot of burners before
Of course I was testing my burner and compatibility with software
And I made a I image file with cdrwin but when burned back it would not write correctly thats when I ran into this problem
I am also running the latest firmware and latest aspi layers so I don’t think that might be the problem as far as aspi layers go but maybe a common error I am making or a software bug or there is not full support of this burner when indeed on goldenhawks website it says it is
Any useful input would be appreciated…thanks

Check this post out, it may cover you “problem”:

You do use it in demo mode or is using a legal code right? Since according to that thread it will only write audio files if you use an illegal key.

That thread does not state anything about Images being illegal it goes on about how CDRWIN is a bootleg if it does a certain thing or acts a certain way…IMAGES are not illegal and you still made a bogus statement. “MAYBE” the CDRwin is a bootleg but Images are not…

Cuz if your statement was fact then FANTOM CD would be one big pirate software since it does nothing but make and burn images…

“I don’t use CD-R Win at all, only cd-mate, clonecd and nero. And I never burn images (normally images are something downloaded illegal stuff…and I don’t download such things).”

Ok then, I may be wrong… But since I don’t download any images I don’t have much knowledge about them. I just thought that very many CD-R Win images(bin and cue) was so-so when it comes to legality.

But if he made the image himself then there should not be a problem with the image (just to kick out that problem source).