Lite on 32123S...Is there a reg edit?

Yes…I’m a newbie:p

I’ve got ver 4.05 on my CD. At the Roxio site I found that there are reg edit’s for other drives that are not recognised by Ver 4.05.

Unfortunately no one mentioned an edit for this burner.

I also searched here, so if I’ve missed it…:eek:

Anyone ave any suggestions…other than buying version 5?

Just buy the new.You dont have choice.Easy cd creator plutinum is best.

Sorry…I’ve been working my a** off.

Well…I do have a choice, and I’ve made it ( unless someone can share a solution) I’m using the OEM Nero 5.5 that the LiteOn came with.

Two days of surfing…and I found three programs that more than offset EZ CD.

1 Right Click MP3…for fast mp3 wav conversion
2 Goldwave…for wav editing
3 :bow: Cool Edit 96…the demo lets you use any two features free…it has a very intuitive crossfade feature:)) It’s an old demo…and it took a lot of surfing to find it - I’m on 56K - I used dogpile search engine…and hit on it after about twenty misses. Just key in ‘crossfade’.

audiocatalyst v2.1 for mp3 converting
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