Lite-On 32123S is it Toast? and Warranty?



I moved some things around in my case and now my Lite-On 32123S 32X has the Lite on all the time (Amber/Red like its writing) and the drawer won’t open.

Is it toast or is there something I can do?

What is the warranty on Lite-On’s?
I got this one in March of 2002 so its just over a year old.

Is the Lite On Model LTR-52246 OEM 52x24x52 “Black” as good as my old one for backing up protected CD’s etc?

TIA for any/all advice:confused:


I have a few ideas for you.

First, turn off the computer, unplug the Lite-On’s IDE cable (but leave the power cable in the drive), and then turn the computer back on again. See if the red light comes on abnormally then. If it doesn’t, you know that the drive’s probably OK.

If that doesn’t work, reconnect the IDE cable to the Lite-On (again, with the computer off) and try upgrading the firmware.

Although I don’t know for sure, I think the LTR-52246S should be able to copy anything that the LTR-32123S can copy. I think the warranty is only one year, so you probably won’t be able to get a new drive if your old one is broken.


The 52246S is actually better at copying audio protections than the 32123S.


Silly suggestion: Did you plug the IDE cable in right way up?

Not all of them are keyed.


Good thought Idle. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s certainly a possibility.