LITE-ON 24x10x40



i updated the firmware whit but i cant select more than 24x now, did i something wrong, ore is there a other firmware to make the writer 32 or 40 ore maby 48x?


The Lite-On LTR-24102B uses a different chipset than the newer drives, so there is no freebie upgrade for you 24x is where you are and where that drive will stay. The newest lite-on cd-rw out is the 48x-12x-48x and is selling for under 100$ us. Not a bad buy I would say. I am replaceing the 24102B in my ripping machine with this drive and will test it with compatabilitywith SD2 and SRnew and the like before replaceing my 32x in my main system with it, but for the money it is more than worth a shot.