Lite-ON 24X

I Must say thanks to everyone that helped me in my descision. The LIte on drive rocks. So far I have burned some movies and a safe disc and a safe disc 2 cds without a problem with it. The real surprise is I had some generic CDR’s that my other burners would only burn at 4-6 speed with and the Lite on reads them and burns them no problem at their true speed of 12. So I say thanks to yall and the comparison between it and plextor. The price was right on the Lite on it was only 109.00 for the 24X and that was about 100.00 less tan the plex so I went with the lite and and so far no regrets.Most of all Id like to thank G@m3Fr3@k he rulez.

Thanks again


Originally posted by sponge
Most of all Id like to thank G@m3Fr3@k he rulez.
Wow thanks :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

We try to do our best!

You made the right choice, the liteon kicks ass :slight_smile:

Lite-on 21402b is a very good burner (i have one)
the only real difference with plex 24X is the type
of buffer underrun protection and size of memory buffer
(2 megs for liteon,4megs for plex)

and,naturally,the price…