Lite-on 24x burner at Newegg: $12.99

Hard to believe DVD burners have dropped to this price level. But here it is, no coupons, no rebates…just a sale price.

I just got this LG delivered for $13.49:

I think Blu Ray consortium will finally ease down on the royalty payment system. Blu Ray discs are a nearly obsolete technology these days… so we could see $35 or lower blu ray drives in the holiday seasons. Companies are trying to liquidate stock of dvd drives which are even more obsolete.

Think about buying an external 1tb drive for under $50 versus a blu ray drive AND media to record. The economics are changing which put BD and DVD media at a disadvantage, even with long term storage as the reason for storing data. The convenience factor alone makes HDD a competitive force. Although, it might not look as pretty stacking externals as it would a dozen DVD/BD disc wallets of 200 discs.