Lite-on 24103s QUESTIONS?

I looked at the forum for some answers already but i can not find them.

But here are my questions;
-On the front of my drive (24103s) it says 24x10x40, but the lite-on webside says 24x12x40. ISn’t that strange.

-Why is there not any firmware upgrade for this drive on their webside. Every one is talking about it…but were are they.
(i know there is a upgrade to the 32 speed on this forum)

Hopefully some one can answer my question…

thanx in advance…

Probably the web page is wrong. But on the other side the chipset supports 12X rewriting. But this is not enabled through the firmware.

I don’t know of any problems with the drive, so why release a new firmware? Beside that the drive is pretty new and the firmware is most likely pretty up to date.


that was all i want to know