Lite on 24102m

hi guys…before i chuck this one in the bin…last hope…HERE.
lite-on 24102m, got it with my dell p.c…
worked great until i installed acoustica burning software and then it all went to hell…
will ONLY write wt 16x max !! on nero and musicmatch.

but on roxio ( which came with the dam p.c ) it burns at 24x :confused: .
i noticed acoustica installed it’s own aspi drivers so…

i have done a system restore / reinstalled the latest aspi drivers from dell, and done the check…comes up green / done a firmware up date from lite-on ( which was bloody hard to find for this model )
done a bios update( as recommended by dell )
unistalled the drive and re-installed it / tryed differant media (just in case ), nothing…nero only write’s at 16x MAX.
roxio writes at 24x…W.T.F. :confused: :a .

is the 24102M a rougue model(crap). i got NO SOFTWARE with this from dell…which sucks

another question >>>>> if i buy the new 52x writer in the new year…
will it to write at 16x max on nero ???

i,m running xp pro with pentium 4.

gettin kinda worried here…and fecking angry …make me wanna :Z .

oh yeh…what a ripper of a forum you guys have here:bigsmile:
came accross it by accident :o
keep up the info guys…

any help before it gets a kickin up and down the room would be great…


Try different media, and try updating your firmware

hi, and thanks for the repley.
gonna get some more media on fri…
will try the link provided…thanks :wink:

sorry…this should have been posted in the lite-on bit of the forums

to the MOD >>>>> have tryed your link…good, but… it gives me 2 options >>>> 4ds3 and 4ds7…er…which is for this writer…or does it not matter…or both :eek:


They’re both for your drive, but 4DS7 is newer.
The files I linked to may only work on Dell Computers. Try this.

tryed the update…and it’s still 16x write and 16x read !!!

done the nero info tool thingy and >>>>>>>

primary ide = master maxtor 4d040h2 / dma on

secondary ide = master lite-on dvd-rom ltd 163 / dma on / auto run off

slave = lite-on ltr-24102M / dma on / auto play off.

should these settings be differant ?? or not matter !!

it also says at the bottom of the test >>>>>

ide/ATAPI port driver

anything else that could be wrong here…i,m i missing the obvious ???


or is it…:Z

but it still writes at 24x with roxio :eek: …just not with anything else…ho hum…this one has me totally stumped :confused:

Have you tried different media?

yes sir…that was the obvious one :wink: