Lite-on 24102b

hi all a strange one this, my writer has always been a 24 speed write until lately and now its gone from a 24 down to a 16 and now it says its a 16 speed read and a 10 speed write ?
any ideas i have the latest firmware in it also.
many thanks.:confused:

Maybe you have got a mediatype that this writer do not recognize and so the readspeed is limited to 10x - if so try another disc type. (or maybe you accidentally inserted a CD-RW disc?).

Also try to insert a disc containing DATA before checking the read speed, that should fix the wrong read speed detection.

Just had exactly the same thing happen on my drive (same one) and inserting a data cd unfortunatly hasnt resetted the speed or anything :confused:
Any other ideas?

Did you reboot the computer? Latest firmware? Different brand of disc? Nero update?