Lite-On 24102b ... SafeDiskv2 Question

Whats the highest version of safe disk v2 a LITE-ON 24102b can make a successfull 1:1 backup with NO emulation needed?

does it atleast do 2.7 or so?

thanks for your time.

With alcohol, it will probably do up to SD2.8.
It won’t do SD2.9 and SD3.15+.

There’s a bug in SD 3.10 which makes it not check the 3045 sector, so your liteon might be able to make a working backup of SD3.10. However, a game update will make this backup useless if the guard module is updated.

Can do up to sd 2.7 with just about anything (even nero if you’ve got enough patience).

It can do sd 2.8 with any of alcohol, discdump/fireburner, clonecd/fireburner. Some chance with blindwrite or cdmate.

Cannot do sd 2.9+ at all.

ok thanks for your time