Lite-On 24102b + Nero

Ok i just got a “cd fixation error” when burning a regular data disk in nero.

i am thinking the problem is the cd-r’s cause i got them really damn cheap 10 dollars US for a 50 pack!
They are rated at 32x 700MB/80minute brand name is optimum and i cant find a free atip cheaking program to check atip info to see who makes it.

i burned the disk @ 24x… also it seems to detect the data cd as audio. i even tried closeing the last session/disk manually in nero but it gives same error but does attempt to write to the cd-r cause i can see the red light on.

anyone got any thought on this issue? (im hoping it is not my liteon cd-rw drive going bad)

i know ya are gonna say to try different media/burn at slower speed but i just am wondering what you guys have to say about this issue.

this has only happened like twice to me so far in burning around 100-200 cd-r’s so far and it came from that same 50 pack of the disk mentioned above.