Lite On 24102B and laser lock

I have Lite On 24102B. As someone said: that Bad-boy burnes everything…However I had some problems with a Laser Lock protection. I don’t know if I should wait longer or so but i couldn’t see any activity. Does anyone have any experience with this drive and Laser Lock. PLS HELP…

almost every cd writer has problems with laserlock just wait more time


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this is the fastest possible reading mode for this drive.

but it is unsecure if your cd is scraced your copy may get a coaster.

Hmm I wouldn’t use the Fast Error Skip setting. Use the Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner instead. If there are a lot of errors on the disc you might want to consider FES I agree. It depends on how long you want to wait. In the beginning of a LaserLock protected disc but after a while it speeds up. My Toshiba DVD can read LaserLock in about 10 minutes.