Lite-on 24102b (24x10x40)

i just tried to burn a backup of my max payne cd and it works and everything, but i tried to burn it in raw-sao but in log window it reverts to just sao writing mode, why aint it writing in sao-raw mode like i selected?

my firmware is 5S59 lite-on 24102b

thanks for your time

p.s. i did this since if i try to make a backup of this backup i can read it faster with no bad sectors

i am using newest version of clone cd (

raw sao and sao are essentially the same thing, aren’t they?

thats what i want to know why cant i write in raw-sao and not just sao?

but if they are tha same thing then i am happy :slight_smile:

SAO-RAW and SAO is not the same.

SAO-RAW writing gives the grogram full control over the written content while in SAO mode some of the (subcahnnel)data is generated by the writer.

I suggest you use DAO-RAW instead since SAO-RAW is not supported by Lite-On and DAO-RAW is better.

i use grograms all the time :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

ok thanks alot oc-freak :slight_smile: thats what i needed to know :slight_smile:

only reason i am trying to use raw-sao/sao is that when writing a safe disk v2 game and then try to read back tha cd-r copy i can read it in alot faster time since it dont have read errors like it does when using raw-dao :slight_smile:

i just tried with my 24102b, and i got forced into SAO from RAW SAO or from RAW SAO + subchanel data!!! it busted my 2 copies of gta 3 :frowning:

does this mean the drive is incapeable of writing in RAW-SAO?

i hope not,…

RAW-SAO is not supported.

Use RAW-DAO which is better anyway :wink:

yeah, but i was just trying to make a SD2.51 copy with no weak sectors, which is what is reported to happen when writing sd2.51.021 images in RAW SAO. never mind…

AFAIK, RAW TAO writings is only max out at 16X CLV mode, which is pretty independent of the drive under question.

huh? i am not bothered about speed :bow: