Lite-ON 24/10/40X USB 2.0

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Very nice review OC-Freak! Enjoyed reading it. Oh and nice pics by the way :wink:

The pics were really a pain in the ass to get them right in the backend system :wink: Great review though.

In order to backup Cactus Data Shield Audio CD’s. I’ve found it helps to insert the CD with autorun enabled and allow it to start the built-in player. Stop the player, load CloneCD and copy the CD (make sure you don’t have any fast error skip stuff enabled). This (for me at least) results in a copy of the CD which completely works 100% (and in fact can be backed up or ripped perfectly). :slight_smile:

I have the 40x write version of this drive but can only reach around 20x in EAC burst mode. Any ideas what’s wrong?

No problem burning on my lg and liteon burners. No problem playing in my pionner/samsung/jvc/phillips players. Good price quality ratio : )