Lite-On 20x SATA DVD Burner LH-20A1S

Anyone heard about this new 20x SATA Lite-On drive, LH-20A1S? I’d much rather have the SATA version than the 20A1P.

Maybe I will give the LH-20A1 a third try. :slight_smile: I hope they will improve their QC till mid February.

Hmmm… very interesting maybe I’ll have to try one out when it hits the
stores here in the USA you might know they’d come out with something
like that after I’ve already bought the LH-20A1P oh well :wink:

why would ya’ll prefer sata over ide (besides cables)

Maybe because I have no PATA controller anymore and I don’t need one?

Damn, i just bought a very noisy 18a1p and now this msg gives me the creeps.
Went over from pata to sata and wanted to use the old drives some more time and the damn board has just 1 ide controller…
I think ill give it a try here in germany but they dont ship the new drives very fast.

I guess Intel 965 mobo is a (in)famous representation? :bigsmile:
Trouble stuck with JMB363.

I have a LH-20A1P and use a SiliconImage bridge board on the back of it to convert it to SATA without any problems.

A SATA burner is a good thing, simply because of the advantages SATA has over PATA. 2 way data flow and more streamlined command structure are some good advantages. When I burn using the bridge board my buffer level has never fallen below 95% and that is even when burning at 20x.

Getting a true SATA drive should only improve things over a bridged drive (unless the SATA drive also uses an internal bridge chip).

Intel 946GZ.

Wow is this the first line of 20X burners by any manufacturer?

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Must be a very crippled mobo you got. :slight_smile:
All Intel 946GZ mobos I’ve seen during a fast search still have one IDE channel onboard.

BTW, Intel ICH7 (southbridge to 946GZ) has 1 IDE channel support natively. :wink:

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Who said the 946GZ mobo I have has no PATA interface?
I wrote “maybe”, and I meant maybe some people have no PATA anymore.

sata opticals are wasteful

Who cares, PATA has no advantage.

Wasteful of what?

If they eliminate the need for the old fashioned PATA ports on the mobo, they are a good thing. They also eliminate the need to swear a lot when trying to plug in or unplug those damned 40 pin ribbon connectors. I have to believe more than one person has cracked his mobo doing this. Not to mention bent pins.

Also if cable length isn’t a problem, they eliminate the need for USB to IDE or firewire to IDE bridges in external enclosures. It’s straight SATA all the way so there is no difference between internal and external drives.

Yes i broke a motherboard a while ago trying to plug in a 40 pin cable :frowning: as soon as the sata lite-on drives hit the online stores around the uk i will be buying one of them.

Out with the old and in with the new :stuck_out_tongue:

You confirmed my suspicions. I worked with ribbon cables wider than these many years ago when I worked on mini computers. I bent some pins before I learned how to unplug them. I always try to support the mobo with my other hand when plugging or unplugging. I don’t like to yank on the cable when unplugging, but I don’t have a choice. I still wince when I do it.

Well, I’ve bought my last PATA drive. SATA forever! Until something better comes along, that is. :slight_smile:

I should mention I don’t have the 20x but I do have the SATA Liteon 16A7.

:confused: WHEN will this new Lite-On LH-20A1S be available here in the U.S.A. ???

Go to the LiteOn homepage, they are saying mid February.

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I’ve never broken a mobo yet but I’ve bent many pins when plugging/unplugging
IDE cables over the years. end/off topic

The SATA interface offers no big speed increase in actual disc burning time but
it does help with data transfer speed. IDE drives move data at what… UDMA
ATA 66 speed where as in theory the SATA 1.0 drives should move data at 1.5Gbits
which should help prevent any buffer underun problems if you multitask while burning
or you have a lot of programs running in the background at least that’s the way I see
it I might be wrong though. Now if only Liteon would release a SATA II 3.0Gbit drive. :iagree: