Lite On 20a1s very slow?

Ok, I got this drive just today (oem version), installed w/o a hitch, proceeded to burn a DVD at 20x speed on TYG03 16x DVD-R. The burn got stuck for no apparent reason at 1x or 2x speed, took an hour to complete and another hour to verify (I used nero 7.5). The drive has 9L08 FW… It reads very slow, too. I tried Nero Speed tool to set the speed higher, but whatever dvd i put it, it reads it extremely slow. Is it a lemon? or am I missing something. For the record, I had a 20a1h drive in the same system and it was working just fine (except for the DVD-RW issue), and the system I got is quite beefy (e6600, Asus p5w DH i975, 2gb RAM, 750gb SATA HDD) Any suggestions? or do I just return drive back to Newegg?

Have you checked DMA?

It’s a SATA drive, so I’m not sure if DMA applies. Besides, like I said, I had a 20a1h drive in the same spot, and it was working fine, no slow-downs, just wouldn’t record on DVD-RWs, but this one is giving problems with any and all DVDs :frowning:

A1S is SATA; A1H is PATA; different interfaces, for what it’s worth. Might be worth checking the DMA status. :slight_smile:

oops, I meant A1L :slight_smile: sorry for the confusion. I did try to find DMA status but it does list it under SATA controllers :frowning:

Which SATA port did you hook it up to? Intel or JMicron? For the latter you’ll need to install a JMicron driver, for the former it’s probably best not to use AHCI setting in BIOS.

Lol, i’m a moron. It’s JMicron, and I didn’t install the driver. It worked fine with a1L so I thought it’d be the same with a1s, but for some reason the driver install made all the difference :slight_smile: OK, I’m off to testing this drive, wish me luck! :smiley: