Lite On 20A1S Does not See Any Media

Hi Guys,

My Lite On could not burn any media.

It would not see any discs and kept asking for media.

So I tried Firmware Flash from 9L03 to the newest 9L09.

After the flash I received the following message:

“Unable to Flash Firmware Please Contact your Vendor”

Player is seen in my boot up as is the newest Firmware 9L09.

Device is shown in Device manager of XP. As is a SCSI Device, which I don’t have.

Settings Utility for Lite On Drives V1.1.0 sees the drive.
Shows it with Firmware 9l09.

What do I need to do to get the drive to see and read media?

Thanks to any that take the time to help! :bow:

Your VIA SouthBridge SATA controller can be difficult to set up with optical drives. Updating the VIA SATA driver is about all I can suggest ( If this doesn’t help, using a SATA PCI-card (with Silicon Image chipset and non-RAID BIOS) is another option you can consider.