LITE-ON 20A1P vs 20A1S



May i know if given the above two writers, which would prove to be the faster among the two? Even though i am using a motherboard which supports only 2 SATA channels (INTEL D865PERL MOBO), in addition i would like to know whether a Pioneer DVR-215 and LITE-ON 20A1P/S which would be a wiser choice to purchase. As i have had 2 generations of Sony DRU series, i would kinda like to come out of the shell and use something more efficient in terms of write reliability. Greatly appreciately you guys’ help thank you.


Neither LiteOn is faster in sheer performance. They’re almost the exact same drive [with only enough differences that they can’t be crossflashed to the other]. The SATA interface of the 20A1S is there for future-proofing.

Pioneer DVR-215 gives some outstanding writing quality [as does its PATA sibling, the 115], slightly better than LiteOn’s write quality all-around. If you were able to, I’d suggest getting the DVR-215 along with the 20A1P [or S, if you aren’t using the other SATA port], as the two drives complement each other and make up for some weaknesses the other might have [Pioneer cannot scan reliably, LiteOn doesn’t have the best CD writing quality, etc]. :iagree:


I’ll have to agree with what Albert said the Pioneer drives have better DL burning and CD burning capability’s
than the Liteon drives do but the Pioneer drives just can’t do as good of a quality scan as Liteon drives do. :disagree:
Another drive you might want to consider looking at is the Samsung SH-xxx series of drives I have 4 of them
and love them all plus I get good DL and CD burns from them all and good quality scans also. :iagree: :clap:


Hi :slight_smile:
I have both the LH-20A1P & LH-20A1S.
There is nothing to gain in terms of one over the other.
They are the same drive.
Just one has an internal IDE > SATA bridge.
Any differences would be marginal, no different to having 2 20A1P’s or 20A1S’s to compare.
If you are sure that the SATA controller works with ODD’s, I would go with SATA.
Albert’s post says it all in terms of the choices open to you.