Lite-on 20A1P Vibration



Allright, I got it. the 20X force feedback for my conputer.this drive vibrates like hell. my H10n vibrates but nothing like this. I just need a opinion, is it just mine that’s falwed or is that just normal? BTW the built quality is terrible. I opened the drive as it didn’t have a warrenty sticker and it was really third grade. And also after changing to ks05 it ejects the disk without completely stopping it.


Sounds like bad luck. If you can give the drive back, do it and get another one.



Note the serial no. and get one that doesn’t start with the same digits from somewhere else.


How much did you pay for that drive ? They are dirt cheap now, you can’t ask for miracles. Buy a VCR nowadays even a camcorder, anything, and the build quality has gone down. I have a 18A1P->20A1P and the build quality is not any worse than my previous drives - My drive is not noisy nor does it vibrate, I only start to hear it at 18x and 20x burning but my old LITEON 1653 was louder burning at 12x.


I know that the drives are cheap but so are pioneer and sansung. their build is pretty solid. I wouldn’t mind to pay 10 bucks more for a better built quality. and also, are the reatil ersions any better quality? BTW i paid 30 bucks at newegg with free shipping


It’s not about the price. If the product is not upto spec and isn’t performing well (basically crap) why should you even spend a single penny on it? I would say take the drive back and get a pioneer 111D.


You are right sonny. However, I already have a pioneer 111. can any one suggest something else? and also, does the quality increase in the retail version or sony rebadge? This is the list of new drives I already have. (LG H10N, Benq DW 1640, 1655, pioneer DVR111, Samsung SH-S182D) I considered buying an NEC but somebody said that the new ones are no good


I really don’t know what is all this hype about pioneer - I have known cases of people’s pioneer breaking down in a week’s use. Sorry but I already mentioned before that I as a part time thing I produce a lot of DVDs for companies, presentations etc and I have used my burner for both business and pleasure and have burnt well over 400 DVDs since I purchased my 20A1P not long ago and it works well - I don’t see anything wrong with its quality, if you have problems with your drive get a replacement, you end up with a lemon - I had a choice between a pioneer and a liteon and I’m glad I choose the liteon. Maybe the other burners have better results with crappy media, but mine works well with the media I use.


And you say that you’ve never seen a litey die eh. I m not trying to insult you but pioneer has better built quality and everyons knows it. Ny problem is that I love liteon’s and I have a 169p65 and it’s built quality is far better. Look at the blue front PCB for instance, it’s ridiculously cheap looking. also, everyone doesn’t use top notch media, and that’s the reason we have this wonderful forum.

Look Here


I also love liteon but i have to say that they are built cheaper then pioneer drives, also, they are really lacking quality control. There are always differences between same model units, variances, but with liteon, the differences are too much, you get some units that are writing with great quality and some that are just outright failures.


Does anyone know which model to buy if I want an NEC?


I wouldn’t recommend nec, i’ve heard they’re crap. I would choose liteon over nec. Take your drive back and try another one, you might get lucky.


For one, you are entitled to your opinion, and you can keep bashing liteon and making false accusations about “out of spec” but just because you got a lemon doesn’t mean all the drives are like that. A friend of mine tried to purchase a Pioneer from BestBuy a while back it was brand new sealed in its box and never returned and it was failing from the start, sent it back and got a new drive worked fine and after a month use died, he finally got an LG. The same way you can end up with a bad liteon. People are entitled to hate liteon - I have used liteon burners since the days of the 411S, and it’s not true that I never saw a liteon die…My LITEON 1633 no longer reads CDs and does not write any CD above 8x (failing CD laser diode), but the DVD part still works…Now I am using my 20A1P - Those liteon drives have made me lots of money and thousands of burns, well over 700 on my 1633 alone and still working, up to my 400th on my 20A1P and still working. The shop I buy my supplies from has tons of those liteons on the shelf and so far they have never gotten one complaint or return. You can say that the drives are poorly built but don’t say they are out of spec - they DO the job and burn CDs and DVDs well - It is possible that the pioneer will burn some media with a lower jitter level, but so far of the thousands of discs I burnt I have not had ONE complaint.


not much to add, just to point out that the latest firmware version for 20A1P is KL05.
also, not facing any problem of the above … yet. touch wood


Ouch, my drive was doing this with KL05 before it died. I don’t know for sure if the two were related. I later found out that the 12 volt supply in the external enclosure was over 14 volts. :doh:


I say the same about LiteOn drives. I had 4 LiteOn drives so far and all 4 were crap out of the box. My biggest concern with LiteOn are the incompatibility issues with DVD-ROMs.


Codeking, I think the cd eject problem is with the firmware, as if you observe, in KL02 the cd tray ejects very slowly and has a small slowdown while opening. However, in KL05 it just blasts open. It’s almost the fastest eject i’ve ever seen, and it does it without stopping only when it steps down one level after reading the disk to save power. it dpesn’t do that at full speed or at lowest power saving speed. Hope this helps


And, about the out of spec, what about (VAC)? it actually increased the vibration. I’ve an old CD-RW (litey)sony that dosen’t vibrate. I replaced the rubber cusions and top magnetic/(metal)/plastic that locks the disc. however, it didn’t do me any good. I think that there is something wrong with the motor head. I RMA’d it for replacement, once the new one arrives we’ll see. And if any one can tell me if can swap the motor and still not burn anything out I’ll do that too cause i’ll be shipping it over the weekend.


$10 won’t make a difference when LiteOns eject spinning discs, which is really :doh: :doh: :doh:. You know, the only thing I can do is laugh. And, of course, be totally sorry for the poster who bought the drive doing that. Samsungs do that as well by the way. I owned one/have seen it myself. Pay double the price of the common drives (I know, that hurts) and buy a Plextor. Those keep total control over every disc. Always.


I know brother, i have a PX 740 and it really hurt me when i knew it was a benq 1640.