Lite-On 20A1H problems



I having some problems with my unity…

It records well, i think…

But when i decide to open the DVD, nothing apears…

My Plextor and DVD Reader, work well…

The DMA is active…

The Cable IDE is ok…

The image:

Whats worong?


Back to Plextor 716…old school:bow:



With what did you burn [Nero, ImgBurn, etc], and was it [meant to be] a full disc?



I did burn with CloneDVD.

I also can`t scan with CD/DVD NEro. It gives me error…

I also, get info saying thar a DVD +R, as a DVD-RW…strange…

I did try a new FW to the model…no result…

All this start. when i did Burn a CD, with Easy CD-DA Extractor…

Strange all this…

Maybe a format to XP, can handle this…:doh:


Seems to become and epidemic, Mordorr… it happened to me (and others here) as well, with DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM. Ah well, I never liked my LH-18A1H anyway - time to move on ;).



Nero DVD/CD, can scan -R…

However, when i insert +R DVD…



The SO is fresh, DMA is ON, what a well???

I going to try a old FW…:sad:



This is getting, more and more weird…

I did try update a old FW, oficial…

It did said, that it couldn`t be done, because the FW 20X ( + - ) is to model FW 20X…

Yes its weird…

So i did try a modded FW, and it did flash, with no problems…:stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is that i don`t now, what kind of FW i did use…lol

I did use the third one…at blue…lol

At least, is reading correctly +R as +R…

Time to Burn:p:bigsmile::cop:


Was your drive originally an 18A1H? Then you have to use the EEPROM Utility to “downgrade” before using 18A1H firmware.

The “patched-fb” version gives you faster 8x and 12x burns.

You may want to try cleaning the lens if the problem reoccurs. :wink:


Hi Cressida!

My Burner is 20X, not 18X:flower:

My last Burn, with Nero, at 12X ( Max 18X )

Im burning the Second one, and for now, seems to Burn well…

Also, i did some problems, with IDE drivers…

I won`t open the unity, to not loose the Waranty…

After i will try the “King” Plextor…

Tks to all of you, CDFreaks:flower:



Mordorr i’ve already seen those POF’s on previous scans, probably your LiteOn is faulty.
Check some of your donkeyheaven scans, i’ve seen there some POF on you discs.


Ola Rakter…

Well, its a mix result, because i did have some problems with Plextor…

Also, IDE drivers, weren`t from Intel…so you can guess the rest…

I`m trying now the Plextor, with some TYG03, at 8X…:stuck_out_tongue:


P.S. - OFF, passo logo que possa por lá:wink:


And today, i did have the same problem:sad::sad:

Nero did record a DVD +R, at 15X. So no DMA problems here…

When i put on Nero CD/DVD, to scan, i have a error…

Also, the DVD can`t be readed, by the Lite-On, itself…

On the Plextor, it can. So no IDE cable problems here…

I made a upgrade, from LLOC to LLOC, reboot, and now, the same DVD, burned before, can be readed and NERO CD/DVD, can scan it…:confused::confused:

I`m a litle confused here…

Hyper Scan ON/OFF?


IDE Cable?

I even found users, complain about latest XP upgrades…

Oh well…:doh:


Have you cleared the OPC? never knows… lol
Do you have another computer to try the burner?
Also, update the cd-speed version.


Ola rakter…

I`m getting nutz with this Lite-On…

The scans are horrible…

Also, before star burn in Nero, it did spin four about 3 minutes, before start to Burn…

Here is the amazing result…

The media is top Notch, and i will burn another in the Plextor, just in case…:a

Any advice, for a new model? Is the AH1 still the Best one??


They say that The 4A is better now.
I seems that the burner might being dying :X


Well, the Plextor is also makin bad Burns…

I did use another IDE cable, but i suspect, the problem might be IDE drivers conflit/ JMicron drivers…:doh:

OH HELL! I miss my Nforce 2 Abit NFS 2.0…:bow:

After work, i will buy a new IDE cable, just in case, and i will format my PC…

Also, i will reintall in another XP PRO Version, and Vista SP1 Ultimate…:rolleyes:

This Asus Pk5-E = Problems:a:a:a



Problem solved.

After [U]force windows to use IDE Intel drivers[/U].

[U]Change the IDE Cable[/U].

Everthing was back to normal:clap::clap::clap::flower::flower:

Guilty here:

:Z Pack Samsung Pleomax Made in India, that i change for another

:Z Cable IDE from Thermaltake, that “Die”…:confused:

And here is the result, after change the IDE Cable:

Samsung Pleomax, at 12X, Pack 25 units, €7.00, Made in Taiwan:flower:

I rest here my case!

Thank you all, Cdfreaks!:kiss:



Samsung Pleomax, at 12X, Pack 25 units, €7.00, Made in Taiwan
W0w where?!

Nice to see the problem gone :smiley:


Hi raKter!


Well, its exactly, € 7.49. Its in promotion, here in Jumbo;):flower:

But, dont buy the India oness!!:disagree::disagree:

Sorry the OFF

Back to Business:bigsmile::bigsmile:

Burn M***** F*****:):slight_smile:


Problem solved.(…) [U]Change the IDE Cable[/U]. (…)
:Z Cable IDE from Thermaltake, that “Die”…:confused:
Hi, what cable (40 or 80-conductor) and DMA mode You use now?