Lite-On 18A1P reads *SOME* DVDs ?!?


The Lite-On 18A1P DVD drive in my WinXPSP2 box fails to recognize some commercial movie DVDs, but works fine with most others. Those DVDs that it fails to recognize will play fine in my stand-alone 5-year old Toshiba DVD player. I don’t know if this is an issue with regions, some kind of copy-protection scheme, or a drive/driver issue, so I wanted to ask you folks for help / ideas.

Here are some details, happy to provide more information as necessary.

Box: WinXPSP2
Drive: Lite-On 18A1P DVD
Drive Firmware: Just updated to the drive’s latest firmware (“GL0F”)
Windows Driver: Device Manager says it’s using the Microsoft 7/1/2001 5.1.2535.0 driver. “Update Wizard” didn’t find a newer driver.
Device Manger Driver Details:

The most recent title I’ve had issues with is a NetFlix rental called “Joshua”, a 2007 release from 20th Centruy Fox. Here is what happens when I insert the DVD.

  1. Power on computer
  2. Windows Explorer denotes empty DVD drive as “DVD-RAM Drive (D:)”
  3. Insert known good DVD (Harry Potter)
  4. ~10 seconds after insertion, Windows Explorer shows “HARRY_POTTER_5_ORDER_PHOENIX (D:)” and I am able to point WinDVD 8 at this directory and it plays fine on my computer
  5. Insert ‘Joshua’ DVD
  6. Over the course of about 25 seconds, I hear 10 instances of what sounds like the drive head moving along its length, followed by a short (2 sec) spin-up. Then, nothing.
  7. Drive shows up as in 2) above, as if there was nothing inserted at all

This drive works fine with data and audio CDs and DVDs, and with most video DVDs, but every once in a while I come across one that the drive simply doesn’t recognize, such as ‘Joshua’. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!