Lite-on 16p9s slow rip speeds

i have a lite- on 16p9s. i have used the LiteOn SOHD-16P9S / Sony DDU1615 Read-Speed . i have it ripping dvds taking around 41 mins to 45. I am wondering if this is normal .Can some of you put movie backing up and rip times so i can test out the dvd rom ? also if there is a faster way to rip and drive let me know. my drive is ultra dma 2. I am using dvd shrink to rip and also tried clonedvd . Any help appreciated .

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Try this link. There is patched firmware that allows to change the DVD read speed. I tried the patched firmware for my sohd-167t & dramatically increased the rip speed.

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CloneDVD and DVD Shrink to not rip – they transcode. Transcoding is a combination of ripping and also re-encoding the movie. The re-encoding part is extremely demanding on the CPU and memory and unless you have an insanely fast computer, it’ll always take that long.

okay thank you …do u have a suggest of type of processor and how much memory … i have 512 memory now …and 1.6 processor. I will upgrade both

it takes bout 19 minutes to do a dvd-9 movie on my rig (1gb ram 3200+). yeah upgrade

The more powerfull the better!!!
Intel processors are better for that job though!!!
It is also much faster if you rip with dvd decrypter and reencode with Nero recode!!! I stoped using DVD shrink because of that!!

Just to be sure, what does a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test of the movie you are transcoding look like. On a 2GB Intel notebook, with 512MB, I can transcode a 6-7GB move in 20 to 30 minutes.

BTW, you’ll need to use something like AnyDVD to do a transfer rate test of a CSS protected movie :wink:


is there any documentatin out there on that ? i know how to use dvd decrypter alittle bit but nero recode ? i dont know anything …

el mariachi,

what programs are you using ?

also thank you for all your help you all have given me so far

but i do shrink, nero to burn dvd files and anydvd

dvdshrink with anydvd