Lite-On 16P9S new firmware FS0J

Just installed the new firmware for this drive (one of the worst drives in my experience).

First pic is official firmware: second pic is FS0J unlocked with omnipatcher :stuck_out_tongue:

Both tests are :Z

This drive vibrate like a earthquake and is not able to read brand new discs. The only issue corrected by the new firmware is the scratching noise during the boot.

To make tests the drive is currently installed on an external box.

Seeing these pics makes me happy that my 16P1S dvd-rom new firmware isn’t compatible with omnipatcher so I didn’t flash it.

I am a disappointed with my drive too. The error correction abilities are on par with my BenQ DW1650 (BCIC firmware), significantly worse than my LG H10@H12N (UJ12) and Toshiba 1612 (J806). The noise is comparable to a vacuum cleaner and the scanning abilities are good but only before it reaches 8x which happens at 3.5GB.

And all these, after so many firmware updates.

:bigsmile: you’re lucky: my drive seems a copter. My desk is trembling when I try to read a disc with this drive :Z