Lite-On 16H5S or NEC 4550



Which one would you choose? I will be burning some CD-Rs too (TY), so CDR burning is important to me. I"m interested in Lightscribe or Labelflash, I know you can crossflash 4550/4551, but I don’t know if I can get my hands on the Labelflash media.


Then go for the 4551, not the path of crossflashing them.
The big problem the 4551 still has (IMO) - it recognizes media very slow and its not the best reader.


I agree with chef, if burning CD-R media is important to you then a NEC ND-4550 is a better drive compared to recent LiteOn DVD burners.

AFAIK LabelFlash media is not being marketed in North America, so you would probably have to buy it from overseas. LabelFlash media is even more expensive than LightScribe media here in Europe BTW.

LabelFlash is only for DVD media, while LightScribe is for both CD and DVD media.


hmm, if you wouldn’t prefer a drive with LS support, then I would suggest you the 165P6S. It’s an excellent drive when it comes to writing CD-R/RW and one of the fastest too. Also, it perfectly works with 99min CD-R (read and write).

The LS alternative is the 165H6S, but this one is far from being excellent with some CD-R/RW media.


So I bought the 16H5S. I am in Europe, but as you said, LabelFlash are more expensive and very hard to find. And I would prefer printing on CD’s too. Also LabelFlash (Fuji) discs are Ritek, which are not very trustworthy. I prefer Verbatim/TY.
So far the drive is working fine, except it had some problems reading the supplied Nero CD-ROM (kept spinning up and slowing down).
Time will tell.


The 16x -R LF media from Fuji with RitekF1 Dye are not that bad, yet. :wink:


Glad to hear it, because I just bought a 5 pack to test.

They are are not cheap costing 58 DKK ~ €7.80 for a 5 pack.