Lite-on 1693s problem. need help

ok sorry


no need to be sorry :slight_smile:

if my explanations are not so clear is because my english is not my primary language (I’m italian :slight_smile: )

I’m starting to think that maybe your drive is damaged :eek:

If it’s not able to start a burning maybe laser is damaged.

Can you try with another disc (different brand)?


That last scan - doesn’t look like there is a disc in the drive-

To adequately test the disc/drive - you should be prepared to use an actual disc - not do a ISO image (not going to prove anything)


it is a brand new drive

Run nero infotool and post results here. Maybe there is something that can help

when i try to make the daya disk i keep getting the error ‘NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (000000)’

what tab do you want from the info tool

is this what you want?

Maybe if you said it was an external drive it may have helped. Maybe chase0039 will see this and help you out.:wink:

i did say it was an ex. drive

Sorry must have missed that as I was reading chase’s post #2 and you mentioned it in post #3:o

it ok. do you have any suggestions to fix my problem.
please say yes

Just did a quick google and this is what I came up with. So could be a bad transfer rate, bad media or hardware by the looks of this. Sorry I am not really one to help as I have enough trouble with my USB mouse.:bigsmile:

When burning I get an error message called ‘NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION’

The burn process was aborted due to a hardware failure. Either the writer lost track of the dye on the blank or a buffer underrun occured. Some writers don’t offer buffer underrun protection when writing in RAW-DAO mode.

so what dose this mean

Buffer underrun basically means that the data from the hard drive or other source is not being supplied fast enough, so the writer does not have enough sustained data to continue writing (someone please correct me if I am wrong) Hardware failure would mean the laser can’t track the disc properly. (guessing) I would intall the drive as as an internal drive to see if the drive in fact writes ok when installed internally(preferably with a different media) Just to troubleshoot and rule out buffer underrun and media. That would leave you with a good idea of whats wrong.

CDSpeed will not work reliably on an external connection. Sorry I haven’t been back sice last night. As soon as you said external, my thoughts changed. What is the chipset used in your drive? Is the unit the external version made by Liteon (1693SX) or something else? Liteon 1693s are intermitten on some chipsets and slow on others.

thanks for replying. i dont know how to check the chip set. it said comstar on the box the drive came in but i know that they dont make drives they just repackage them the ex. unit says “ibest” on it sorry i have never heard of them please help me out

You need to open the unit and look at the circuit board to identify the chip. However, in this case, I am almost certain the chip is your problem. You should get in touch with the seller and ask what chip they use. The only one I know of that will work reliably is the Prolific 3507. I am also aware that the ALI chips do not work well at all. My guess is they goofed.