Lite-on 1693s problem. need help

my lite-on 1693s wont burn consistently somthimes it works sometimes it won’t. more offten then not it dose not work. in nero oem it locks up and i have to reboot. and with clonedvd2 i get an bad media error, (alot of people have this problem and i dont think it has anything to do with the media)
please help

This can be a number of things. The first thing you should check is your cable. It should be 80 wire. Then make sure your firmware is current. Next make sure your molex power connection is solid and that your jumper settings are correct. What is the media type and what version of Nero are you using. The Current version is

thanks for the reply i up dated the firmware when i first got the drive. i dont know about molex power and jumper settings if you would not mind expalaning that to me and telling me how to check to see if they are ok. oh it is an ex. drive usb 2.0

Molex is the plug that give power to the drive. It’s a 4 pin plug arising from your PSU (see square on image).

Jumpers are little connectors on the rear of the drive that allow to set a drive as master or slave (see the arrow on image).

THanks buddy
dont think that is my problem but now i know

We are not sure that this is your problem. These are only some things to check to see if it solve.

If jumpers are not settet properly, there are conflicts between drives connected on the same IDE channel.

If your PSU is insufficient or molex connectors are plugged in a lazy way, then the drive don’t receive enough power to work correctly.

Have you checked if DMA is active?

how do you check /change DMA

Here there is the procedure

DMA if avalable it was on that already

What media do you use?

Do you have problems to read pressed discs (both CD and DVD)?

no it reads just fine it just wont always burn

What are media you tryied to burn? Can you post mediacode?

i have used memorex r+x16 and r-x16 and rw-x2

i know this is not very good media but it should still work

These are not very good media, but I don’t think that are unburnable at all.

If nero hangs, try to do a burn with CD-DVD Speed. Simply create an ISO image (4 GB at least) and burn with cd-dvd speed. Then post an image of the burning: in this way should be possible to see what happen during the burn

ok i am on it

a transfer rate test?

Another thing: to post images, use the little button showed in image and save in PNG format

i got an error

No, not a transfer rate test: do it with a blank media is a nonsense.

You should do a “Create data disc” test from Run test menu. This will create a disc full of casual data, but will do a good test of the burner. If you don’t want to waste a disc then you can burn an ISO image created by you.