Lite-On 1693s overburning?

someone told me that LiteOn 1693S cannot overburn DVD media, but i found a website saying that it can, i don’t know, tihs is too confusing, should i or should i not do it?

i remember when i did my first overburning years ago, i tried nero5 overburning with an old lg burner on ym old pc, it wrecked the drive, so i just wanna know if after al these years anything has improve or change.

so please, confirm if my drive can overburn or not, then give me a recommendation if i should overburn a dvd+r from the usual 4.3gb to 4.7gb, tell me everything i need to know, please help me, thanks so much.

Sorry, LiteOn SOHW-1693S [B]doesn’t[/B] support overburning on DVD+R media.
To be able doing that you’ll need a Plextor or BenQ drive. :slight_smile:

BTW, a link to “that” source/website would be nice.

well it saids here it support overburning

When most sites lazily say “overburn” they mean CDRs.
Almost all DVD burners today can overburn CDRs but only two brands can do DVD+Rs (plextor and benq but only certain models)