Lite-On 1693S or NEC 3540A

Hi all,

Getting set to buy my first dvd burner, trying to decide between these two. I plan to mostly just make backups of my dvds. Any advice on which to go with? Also right now I have a lite-on 163/L dvd-rom and a lite-on 40125 cd-burner, which one should I keep of the two?

Well, I have an NEC3540 and it is a superb writer.

I also have an LG4163 which is also a superb writer, though I would say the NEC has the edge.

Finally, I have a BenQ which was the best writer of all in terms of both quality and speed. However, the BenQ (my fourth) is dead, and I need a replacement… I’[m looking at the LiteOn1693, too.

I’d be interested in other’s opinions; but out of the three writers I have experience with, the NEC would win.

I would wait for the upcoming Liteon 1635S or Nec 4540.
I think it’s always better to get the latest technologies…
The Liteon 1635S is already available in Asia, so it should reach Europe or North America very soon.

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