Lite-on 1693S firmware: No more upgrades?


Why Lite-on is not upgrading the 1693S firmware anymore? The last upgrade (KS0B) was released 2005/10/14.

What´s going on?

They are developing new burner models, so probably older models will be leaved

I think LiteOn has supported their “old” models a lot longer than many optical drive makers…

Well the 1693 shouldn’t already be an old model imho

firmware KS0D already exists. but it’s not released to the public. i think they’ll wait some time, but i’m sure they will release it in the next few months. and C0deKing’s patched KS0Bs are very good for now.

C0deKing’s LiteOn 1673S/1693S FBX Patch Is Looking Really Good.