Lite-On 1693S doesn't recognize DVDs

Any suggestions on why my 1693S doesn’t write or recognize DVDs? And yes, I have updated my firmware and have used various types of good DVDs. I tried using the BookType utility, but again no recognition.
I thought LiteOn drives were of decent quality, but now obviously I am doubting that. I suppose any device can be a lemon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Do you have this issue only with burned media or also with pressed discs?

Can you do a boot from a DVD? If yes, then the drive is working and there is something wrong in your computer configuration

The drive is recogizing burned DVDs but not blank DVDs. Just curious what possible settings would have to be set??

hmm try to do a little test.

Run cd-dvd speed (you can find latest version here), insert a blank media and select the “disc info” tab. Can you see information on the disc?

Most probably windoze messed up.

khen, if you are able to read/burn CD-R/CD-RW’s try this;

  • Right click the burner in Explorer
  • Choose Properties
  • Uncheck the “enable recording” box if it is already checked and “Apply”
  • Recheck the box and “Apply”

Still not working, disable/uninstall any packet writing software. :wink:

Yea, I ran the Nero utility. No disc inserted is what it says.
However, it does recognize CDs. I also did the uncheck and check routine…to no avail. Ummm…I am really stumped. I simply can’t imagine what is going wrong. I do really appreciate the suggestions so far. I have to try to rule out all possibilities before giving up on this drive.


Oh, yea…I also do NOT have any packet writing software installed.

Alcohol or Daemon Tools or anything like that?


Nope, no tools like that. I also has “cleaned” Nero off and reloaded it…still no success. If I ever do get this drive working, I believe I may even give Ashampo burning software a go.

If cd-dvd speed shows no media inserted, and you have this issue only with DVD media and not with CD, probably your drive is damaged.

To exclude a software problem, I suggest to try a boot from a DVD disc. If computer can boot correctly, then there is something wrong in software configuration.