Lite - On 1693S Doesn't Recognize DVD


My older sister purchase a foreign DVD (Chinese Movie) and everything is working great on our sony standalone dvd player. I tried to watch the DVD on my PC using Lite-On SOHW 1693S (USB) and for some reason it doesn’t recognize the DVD.

  • At first, I thought it might be a region issue so I installed AnyDVD v6.5.9.5 (set to region free) and still the problem persist.
  • I updated my firmware to 1693S.KS0B.patched-cf-fbdx and my drive still can’t read the DVD.
    -I restart my PC, replug the USB to a different port, power off / on the drive.
    -I’m sitting at home for 5hrs googling the problem hoping to a find the answer but none of the suggested solution work.

I’ve insert a different foreign DVD movie into my Lite-On drive and everything is working perfectly. I don’t understand why my drive isn’t able to detect the other DVD. It work perfectly fine in two standalone player…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

System info
Intel Quad Core 9300
4gb of rams
Nvidia 8800 GT O/C 512mb

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It’s very common for some DVDs to not play properly via external drives. This may be due to copy protection or other factors. Try playing the DVD in an internal drive, and it should work.