Lite-On 1693S - Did I make the wrong choice?

I ordered a 1693S last week. I read on a number of threads that the 1693S isn’t all that good at burning. Is this true?

I own a Nec 3500, Nec 3540, Nec 3550, a Liteon 1693, Liteon 160P6S, Benq 1620, Benq 1640, Benq 1655. In the past I have owned LG4163, LG4167, Pioneer 106, Pioneer 108, Pioneer 109, and probably some others that I have forgotten to mention. The Liteon 1693 is one of my favorite drives. Go to the Liteon forum here on Club Cdfreaks and start reading. I have had excellent results with CodeKings KC4B firmware on my 1693.

Venio, from my reading of at least 12-14 pages of the Liteon 1693s burn quality scans, I’d say you made a very good choice. I’ve seen it burn even GSC003 media (a no-name brand) with very good-excellent quality; I’ve seen it handle MCC003 and MCC02RG20 the best of any burner. It seems Liteon with their 1693s worked very hard on their write strategies just with stock f/w. If the stock f/w KS0A or KS0B doesn’t give you the results you want, then try the modified f/ws like KC4B; however, be aware that once you go the ‘unofficial Liteon f/w’ route, if you do have any problems if and when you switch, it will void your warranty. But as for the 1693s itself, it truly has amazed me how well it’s burned so many mids. Consider that you can also do quality scans with K-Probe or CD-DVD Speed with it, and the scan results have long been considered as a “benchmark” of scanning for some time (for it’s accuracy, especially with K-Probe) at 4x. :bigsmile: However, please review the quality burn scans in the Liteon 1693/Sony-800a quality scans thread in the Liteon/Sony burner forum and see the results for yourself. If you see it with your own eyes, at least you will prove to yourself whether it was a good buy–and you’ll have a very good indication of burn quality of different mids. I would even suggest you make a chart of each mid burned, f/w used, speed burned at, with some tabulation of burn results, and that will really put the results in concrete, easier-to-see terms. :wink:

Hi Veniogenesis :slight_smile:

I have a 1693 and I’m very happy with this burner. Its burnings have very good quality and it allow also to do scannings. And there are also plenty of tools thanks to codeguys :bow: :bow:

I own 3 BENQ 1620,s. A BENQ 1640. NEC3520 and 3540, and a Liteon 1693.
I have had a 1633, 53, and 73 which were junk IMO. The 1693 is a very good
drive. I like my BENQ,s better though for DVD +R,s.The Liteon 1693 for -R,s.
They both do an execellent job with CD,s. I rarely use my NEC drives anymore. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Yays. My burner came in today. I tried it with my TDK CMC Mage01 disks. Yes, I know the disk quality is pretty crappy, but I have 200 of these disks! Eeeks!!

Are these results good? Or should I try to get lower numbers? (Meaning, should I just skip using my 200 CMC’s and go directly to using my new TY’s?)

In my opinion, for this media you got a great scan :iagree:

This is strange. :frowning:

If you look at my scan with the CMC, you’ll notice that there are 66 errors.

I did a burn and scan with a TY, and I got 65 errors.

I don’t know what is this parameter, but PIF are very good for a CMC MAG.

This Taiyo is awesome :clap: :clap: :clap:

why don’t you start by updating your firmware to the latest (KS0B).

Why update firmware if results are good with the one already installed?

With 65 errors … its not good!!!
Don’t forget that this drive became very good starting KS0A!!!

CMC is putting great media out lately! Very strange! And my Verbat/Yuden/Maxell is not doing as well! What can I say!

Your media is only as good as the batch you have in your hand and one can not assume that it will all be as the sample you have!

My CMC is doing great BTW! Strange to me anyway!

Your scans look very good EXCEPT for the errors. You should have zero errors. I recommend you update the firmware and try again.


You’re right, I missed it :sad:

Yep, the firmware update fixed the errors. :smiley:

Yays! Thanks so much! :stuck_out_tongue:


Post more scans :slight_smile:

Here are scans of three DVD+R’s burned at 8x.

They look pretty decent. :slight_smile:

I’m amazed at how far liteon has come from the ldw-411s days… I can’t believe it took them 3 and a half generations of dvd burners to get it right. I remember their cdrws being some of the best around early on (24102b). I hope the WOPC patched firmware for 1633s/1653s gets fixed up soon; I know a lot of people are banging their heads on the wall because of those great burners. 1693s is excellent (for a liteon), but I would try to stay with established MIDs, like MCC and TY. My experiences with Ritek and AML have been :sad:

Boy it doen’t like your CMC! My 1640 loves that stuff!