Lite On 1693S Can't Burn CD's

I have a Lite-On 1693s and I can’t burn or play CD’s anymore. I’m using Nero 6 . When I try burning it would read from the source and won’t burn to the destination which is my 1693S the tray will just open and display waiting for CD, it recoginze it as a blank disk. Does anybody know what’s wrong with the burner? Maybe it’s dead? Or am I doing something wrong.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Possibly looks like the CD laser has died. The CD & DVD functions are separate & it’s possible for 1 side to fail & the other be OK.

Will it read a normal bought CD? And what about DVD’s ?

It will not read a normal CD, I haven’t tried a DVD.

Looks like it’s time for a new burner.

Yea I know. Whats good out there to buy. I will actually get a CD burner only for this system.

No point just getting a CD burner really, increase your flexibility for just a slight additional cost.

I’d go for one of the latest Liteons or the Pioneer 111D which is excellent on CDs with the latest firmware.

Thanks for your advice.