Lite-On 1693S Burner

I just purchased the Lite-On DVD burner and I can not get it to write to the Memorex 8X -R media. It burns about half through and I them get an error message…

if you used nero then open C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log
copy & paste the latest but dont include nero’s serial

possible reasons
a) the hard drive connected along with the burner ,its best to have it connected with another optical drive or standalone

b) dma , see this guide
also check dma settings in bios make sure its all set to auto

c) antivirus resident protection , always have it disabled while burning
it will scan each file while the burning software will try to burn it and theres a high chance it will make the burn fail

d) buggy burning software , whatever software you use is it the latest version?

e) buggy ide drivers, are you using the standard microsoft ide driver or something else?

f) your drive dislike the media , firmware updating may resolve it
but if not then youll have to get other medias , the top 3 are
taiyo yuden/verbatim/ricoh and its best to get quality media if you want
whatever you burn to last long memorex are crap they are manufactured by ritek/prodisc/cmc