Lite-on 1693 Problem/Question



Hi just bought a 1693 and it seems to have a problem.

It burns disks fine but when it is burning it just flashes the green light on and off…

My liteon CDRW has a red light when it burns, orange when buffer underrun is working etc…

The manual states the 1693 should have a red light whilst burning…

Can you guys confirm if my drive is faulty compared to your own ?

The guy at the shop tried to tell me the liteon manual means nothing etc…and says if it burns fine there is no problem, this is just not good enough i think…


I dont know if this is gonna help or not but i got a memorex jws5 (1673 rebadge) crossflashed to lite on 1693 ks04 and when burning dvd it flashes on and off except that its blue flashes.


don’t worry, there’s all ok.
the led behaviour is normal. liteon changed the red led with a green one since the 1673s. the led should normally flash on and off while burning.

C0deKing will soon release a ledfix-tool where you can change the behaviour of the led.


Thanks heaps guys. I will wait for COdekings new toy and see what it can do.


here’s how the tool will look:

but it’s not sure when it’s gonna be released.


The codeking tool will not help the 1693 drive. It only has a green LED, no firmware flash will make it glow red. I definitely miss the green/orange/red LED that the older LiteOn drives had, it was a standout feature.