Lite-on 167t Is Not Really A!


Bought a Lite-On SOHD 167T drive.

Nero Info-Tool identifies the firmware version as 9GS2.
When attempting to flash 9S16 as downloaded from the firmware forum the following error message appears:

No matched drive detected
This utility is only for LITE-ON SOHD-167T drive

Detected drives:
0-1-1-0 E:LITE-ON SOHD-167T 9GS2

Is this drive in fact a Lite-On 167T?
I cannot find any information on firmware 9GS2 on Lite-On’s website nor on the web.

Comparing the Info-Tool information from my drive with a screen shot of a Lite-On 167T on cdrinfo website show that only the firmware and date is different.

The date from on the 9GS2 firmware I have is 2004-04-06.

Am perplexed and would appreciate any information.

Thank you

I’ll answer my own post–I received an answer on the firmware forum to the same post, I have an OEM drive an the firmware flasher could not/would not recognize the drive.
A program recommended by them called Flash Fix will modify the flasher/firmware program to recognize the drive even though it is OEM.

Thanks firmware forum and also to you all at CD freaks for such a good web site and so much information.