Lite-on 1673s

I recently purchased a sony dw 26a and cross flashed it to a lite-on 1673s and so far I’m happy except I don’t have a clue what I should use for media. I’m to afraid of the price but don’t want to throw away money either if there is a media that is fine but cheaper. I’m afraid of to many fakes out for good media.

My old burner is a DVR 105 and any media would burn without a problem but I’m finding the lite-on is ALOT more fussy.

Almost any burner in existence will do well with Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media.

Is that the same with Taiyo Yuden DVD-R? Also, I’ve been reading up on Taiyo Yuden and the fakes, is there a good site you know of to ensure they are not fakes? I’m also looking for some other media that might be alittle cheaper with not much of a lose in quality but if that can’t be done, I have no problem with taiyo yuden :slight_smile:

I have seen the +R excel across many burners. The -R is also very good but a bit more burner dependent than the +R mainly because a lot of burners simply do better with +R than -R media.
A good site to insure you do not get fake media is rima. You can also get it retail by buying FujiFilm brand (made in japan).

thanks for your help, I ordered the TY -r I’ll post how they work for me when I get them.

Hello fellow frisbee friers!
I have recently purchased a sony DW-26a and can’t get it to complete a DVD with -RW media. “cheap -RW media” can the cross flash to the liteon 1573, 1693 help with these issues?
I have the bin file but couldn’t find the flash util.
The burner writes the disk to near completion and then fails.
XP pro
P4 3.0E
Abit board
1.5 GB ram
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