Lite on 1673s wont read or write after firmware update

lite on wont read or write after firmware update and my cd writer wont work either please help

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Please tell us more about what happend. Is your LED blinking when disc inserted.
What firmware did you flash.

the led is working but wont read dvdr or cdr’s on both of them.

:slight_smile: Okay, what is your current firmware (Nero InfoTool will tell you.)
Did you use official firmware from Lite-On.
Have you rebooted compu since flashing.
Any new software installed since flashing??

Please answer those questions in next post. :wink:

firmware is jsod from lite-on also rebooted and installed omnipatcher after it wouldent work


pearljamboy81, you need to give us more to go on. Please read the below announcement:

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what else do you want to know ive told you it all

Ok, After reading this I’m going to make a wild guess. You have two drives a dvd and a cd drive on same computer? You said,“on both of them.” If this is the case the flash may of went to the wrong drive.

but if the 1673s wasn’t flashed why should it loose its functionality?
also he may mean both disc types…

Could it be just like the 1633S and 1653S which seem to quit reading or writing to CD for some reason? I should know I have a 1633S that has stopped reading any CD type disc.
All it does it spin up three times then the LED Blinks twice. Never could find any info on what the LED Blinks mean?