Lite-On 1673S that burns too slowly



I have a Lite-On 1673s and it doesn’t at the desired speed. On Win2k with Nero6 I can’t go faster than 2X, with DVDClone (no matter the version) it burns only at 1X and on Linux with K3B I can burn at 6X. The DVD-R are the TDK 4x-16x (Nero Info tell me that they can burn at 16x).

But I want to Burn at 16X (or 12X regarding to the rewiew on dcfreaks).

Did somebody have the same problem or knows how to solve it?

PS sorry for my bad english I’m not a native english speaker…


In Nero Info Tool, click “Configuration”. Is the IDE channel that your burner is on SET to DMA?


hum no it’s off and for an other HD too :confused:

erf why didn’t I thought about such a basic thing ^^

I turned it on and the test with nero CD-DVD Speed gave me this:
start at 6,67x, average: 11,97x end: 16,01x

thank you very much :smiley: