Lite on 1673s media compatiabilty

is there any list anywhere (checked the liteon site) that states what medias this model “likes/dislikes” and the speeds you could pull from them.Barring that what about your own experiences (verbatim sounds mad-what about the rest).cheers

Taiyo Yuden. That’s all I use in My 1673s, and I’ve gotten nothing but great burns. I usually use +R, but I’ve used -R fro TY also, and both are fine.

@ lozzer
There are several ‘1673’ threads running right now and many have posted kprobes of what is working and what isn’t. The 1673 seems to be the best Liteon so far at burning a wider range of media with good results than previous drives, including some good results on -R media…finally! I would still recommend staying with quality +R media like Verbatim, or RICOHJPNR0x ot TY0x, but you could try whatever you have or can get and post results in the 1673 results threads…just don’t expect miracles from the cheapest stuff you can get.

Hey guys!

now I have a concern about this drive!.

I recommend to a friend to use this model in a PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, and I asked to a friend of mine (to be really sure) if exist any issue in mount this unit in an apple system, and told me not at all.

Well, another person have said to us, that G4 PowerMac doesn’t support that media drive (he said the machine recognizes it as DVD-R unit, not as DVD-RW).

So, have you heard something about put this unit in a G4?.

thanks for your comments