Lite-On 1673S JS07 burning Memorex 16X DVD+R(RICOHJPN R03-04) @ 7-6x PCAV?



New Memorex 16X DVD+R, id is RICOHJPN R03-04. Nero data disc burns very oddly, shows 7-6X PCAV? Burns 8X DVD+R (prodisc) fine as well as 8X DVD-R (CMC Magnetics AE1).

Liteon 1673S JS07
Celeron 2.4Ghz, Windows XP SP1, 1GB RAM, DVD Burner Master on 2nd IDE channel.

Any ideas?


i don’t think its your drive that cause this problem …i think its the media that is no up to scratch…

Lol i got Ricoh R02 and burn on my 1620 sometime only 8x its but as i set it to 16x (orginal RICOH) and that only happend to some disc (very few) but it does try to go to 16x but it go up and down then it settle on 8x Lol…program i use is CD Speed and burning ISO image…

then i put a new disc in just do a Create disc in CD speed…weir everything was fine. all the way into 16x zone Lol…all i can say is ITS the MEDIA…


by the way what is your Burst Rate in CD speed ?? need 22MB atleast Lo