Lite-on 1673S - first burn kprobe results

Hi all,

Well i got my 1673 from newegg today and isntalled it and did my first DVD burn =)

I am using verbatim +R 16x dvd

I also downloaded the kprobe 2.4.2 and first time I am using it so I might have wrong settings though I tried to follow directions as close as possible

This burn was 4.6 GB of data and it completed in 6 minutes 18 seconds at 16x. I think that is superb. Way better then my backups at work =)

Only two things dont like about 1673, the tray seems flimsy…maybe i got a bad one…it works…just feel like i have to be careful dont want to break it off.

The other thing is dvd recognition once you put dvd and autostar seems kind of slow, but i can live with that

Also if you look at the kprobe it says Errors: 3

But it doesnt say what the errors are. the DVD seems to work fine is it something I should worry about?

re-scan the disc at 4X, this is the standard speed for comparisen on cdfreaks and thouse errors might disapeare as well.

ok thanks doing it now

ok here is the redo of the one above at 4x and you right no errors now

here is one more burn I did with another 4.6 GB data

Only thing I dont quite get is it seems this one and one right above seem to spike right at the end with 6 PO Max

Is that normal? 6 I guess is still good just curious

I think these are good burns right?

@ Denec
Those spikes look like they could be buffer underrun spikes where you are approaching 16x burn speed, or at least above 12x speed…did you notice any buffer underruns occuring at the end of the burn?

hmm i dont recall …though to be honest i stepped away from my PC…and came back it said it was done…

is there a way to find out now? or too late? does it keep a log?

I am nto a real expert at using nero…

@ Denec
Its a bit too late now, but does the disc read/play through that area? It may play/read fine, as those single spikes may be recalibration spikes and usually have little or no effect on the readability. Try a Nero CD-DVD Speed scan(Nero>Toolkit>CD-DVDSpeed) of the disc and see if you get a smooth curve to the graph. You said it took 6:18…that sounds about right for a full 16x burn(maybe a bit long), but I would guess from the graph that it didn’t make it all the way to 16x, maybe had trouble around 12x~14x, then it finally fell back to where it was ‘happy’(10x~12x), which is why I think the multiple-single spike phenomena stopped. It may also have just been on the verge of B-U-ing, possibly because your source data was a bit fragmented…defragging often is suggested. You can run the burst speed test in CD-DVDSpeed as well…if your drive is at UDMA2, then this should be 33MB/s…you need at least 23MB/s for 16x burning.

Thanks for the info =)

BTW it is set to UDMA2, though I wonder does this drive support UDMA4 or higher? or UDMA2 is max?

To be honest speedwise I am compeltely happy…6 minutes not a long time so even if I did not get the full 16x…I am more worried about quality of burns I guess.

I will try those tests tomorrow with nero and let you know.


@ Denec
Some/all(not sure) 1673 are UDMA4…it is in the firmware.

yes quality should be your #1 concern. Maybe soon we’ll see not just good, but excellent results from a 16x burner and 16x media burnt at 16x speed…you are close :iagree:

Thanks…quick question how do I get it be UDMA4?

I guess I need to upgrade the IDE cable to an 80 pin? Think it will make huge difference in speed?


It should be UDMA4. My m.b. have been kt600,kt880 & kt890. All set @UDMA4 in windowxp professionial. Things should be improved when you burn@16x and your hard disc transmission rate @66m/s.

@ Denec
yes, an 80-wire cable will be helpful to get to UDMA4. It won’t make your drive faster than 16x, but it may improve your burst rate and your burn quality…you will no longer be ‘on the edge’ of buffer underruns, if that turns out to be what is happening.

ok here is the speed test from Nero, I just did run all I think. Also i am still on the 40-wire cable have not had a chance to get another cable yet

are these results good? this from the same dvd up above

yes thats a good read curve (shame you didnt do it in a drive that was riplock removed so you could test it upto 16X read), dont worry about the 80 wire cable your burst rate is fine for 16X.

Good to know thanks.

BTW if some are curious here are my specs dont know if that will help

Antec Sonata Case With 380W PS
P4 2.8 GHZ 800 FSB
1 GB PC 3200 DDR Ram
WD SE IDE 80GB Drive
Windows XP SP2

Also using the NERO OEM that came with it

here is one last scan this is from a DVD movie that i made by capturing from my hauupage win pvr 250 then burned as DVD-Movie using Nero. First time doing it with dvd burner. I think this one looks the best actually for kprobe. Overall I am very satisfied with the Lite-on 1673s especially for the price.

Is it better in general, to have an 80-wire cable (i have another 1 for HD), to the dvd drive’s? Or there is no big deference with the 40-wire cable?

thats a very nice scan, was that one burned at 8X?

as long as your burst rate is over 22kbps then i wouldn`t worry.