Lite-On 1673 - install question



Hi all,

I am new here, and brand new to DVD burning.

I am mainly using it for data storage and maybe transfer my vhs tapes using a capture card to DVD in the future.

My question is I already have a Lite-On DVD/CD-RW combo player. When I install the new 1673 do I need to still keep the player? If so should I install both the DVD burner 1673 and DVD player on the same ide interface?

Right now if I recall the dvd/cd-rw combo is on secondary and using cable select, and never had an issue or a coaster.

I rather not keep the player if I really dont need it.



you can keep it for on-the-fly copies from drive to drive. you should install the dvd-writer as master on sec IDE and the combo drive as slave.


Ok Thanks for the info.

It been so long since I set master and secondary…so use to cable select…lol


@chok0: That’s interesting that you specify the burner should be master and the reader should be slave. I have my 1673S as slave on IDE1, with an ASUS CD/DVD reader as master. Now I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a ton of experience with burning, but this set-up has been working well for me – I generally rip DVDs from the reader then burn later.

If I were to leave it like this, what kind of issues would you expect me to see? Is it such an issue to make it worth swapping them? Thanks!


i always set burners as master on secondary IDE. cd/dvd-rom always as slave, on free ide. i would never set a writer as slave on the hdd ide. but it’s just personal experience.


Hmmmm… I’ve got my HDD on SATA, and both opticals on IDE1. Nothing on IDE2 right now. Things work okay as they are, but if I might end up with problems in the future, maybe the best bet is to just have each optical on its own IDE ribbon…


One one last question…I know the 1673 comes with its own version of Nero. Should I use that one or the one I already have installed. Though at the moment not sure of version offhand but worked great with my Liteon CD-R/dvd combo.

I just picked up a pack of 25 verbatim +R 16x speed for $19.99 from Compusa. Pretty good deal was looking for 50 pack but could not find any.


you can use your already installed nero version. it will make no difference. but it should be newer than the one which comes with the drive.