Lite-On 166S

Hi everybody,
I’d like to buy Lite-On DVD ROM 166S and i want to check a few things.

  1. Does this drive work with WSES ?
  2. Can I make it region free (not through
    software) ?
  3. Is it good at copyrighted production
    copying ?
  4. Has it got any disadvantages ?
  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, by software. It’s called Rpcde.exe
  3. It can copy most data-protections, but not audio.
  4. Yeah it won’t read audio-protected CD’s…

Sorry, for disturbing you once more, but… Will this drive be able to scan C1/C2 in WSES ( sorry I didn’t ask this earlier)?

Since it supports C2 error checking I assume it does, there is no reason why it shouldn’t…

Thanks for the info.