Lite-On 166S firmware strangeness

I just got a Lite-On 166S to replace my old DVD-ROM that didn’t do too well at reading the burns from my 2500a. kprobe scans showed nice P1 levels, but there was a consistent p0 error of 1 in every block tested. So I go to the JLMS site to flash to the latest firmware, and after a successful flash my P1s are in the 700s, and my P0s can get up to 200 before kprobe just stops reading the disc. Nero stops the speed test after a few seconds with “circ unrecovered error”. But the funny thing about all this is that the data off the discs seems fine. It copies at 7-8x, and the files I’ve tested checksum correctly. CD reading seems unaffected. However, reading DVDs makes a high-pitched whining sound that I’m pretty sure it didn’t make before. Flashing it back to its stock firmware didn’t fix it.

So did I kill it? I’m still not even sure what’s really wrong with it. Puzzling indeed.

DVD-ROM drives are not really useful for scanning PI/PO with KProbe.

Yeah, I’ve heard that said before, but my scans WERE much better, and it’s unusual that I can’t run Nero cdspeed at all.

As already stated, DVD-ROM’s are not intended for use with Kprobe. But you should be able to use CDSpeed… perhaps an ASPI issue. Try reinstalling your ASPI layer. Read here for more info.

this might be a shot in the dark, and I’ve been going through mucho problems. But finally after moving my DVD-ROM to the slave device on the motherboard IDE controller, I finally am able to rip with no errors.

Previous symptoms included nero circ unrecovered error problems, and generally the drive didn’t work too well.